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Copy editors are mechanics for language: they edit your book’s text, otherwise known as “copy.” Fiction or non-fiction, academic or populist, thriller or sci-fi, copy editors help create the most readable version of your book. They’ll make sure your manuscript isn’t riddled with bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or glaring inconsistencies. They won’t enter into big-picture issues such as characterization, plot or pacing; instead they will go through the manuscript line by line and focus on all the little things you might not have thought about. They’ll catch scenes in which your antagonist is wearing sunglasses and spectacles at the same time. They’ll save your tone and style from unintentionally wild shifts between sections. They’ll pull your book together page by page.





Developmental editing is a thorough and in-depth edit of your entire manuscript. It is an examination of all the elements of your writing, from single words and the phrasing of individual sentences, to overall structure and style. It can address plot holes or gaps, problematic characterization and all other existing material.



A beta reader gives you feedback on your finished manuscript, so you can adjust it before you self-publish or start querying literary agents. They help you identify any problems with the readability, usefulness or saleability of your manuscript.

Handwritten manuscripts typed into a clean, workable Word format for easy submissions to Beta Readers, Editors, and Publishers.  See how amazing your script looks once it’s transcribed.  Completed manuscript will be emailed as an attachment. 

Book review writing services are most sought after these days because there aren’t many book review services that reflect quality. The option to buy book reviews online we provide is of world class quality and it has earned us a good name among our customers. With our experience and expertise, we can analyse any book perfectly. 


Formatting your book is very important.  The interior of a book, whether paperback or ebook, is a very vital element when showcasing your work professionally to your readers.


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